Help Connect

enables everyday products to save lives

How can everyday objects save lives?

Any connected product – a car, motorcycle or smart home – can be used to transmit life-saving information in an emergency. By registering for the Bosch Help Connect service, you can rely on us to automatically detect and locate accidents and immediately dispatch a rescue team. This service will be launched later this year.

How the emergency call service works

After an accident help will be sent automatically

1. Our authorized partners will integrate the sensor with its intelligent crash algorithm into your product (e.g. motorbike or smart home device).

2. From then on, the sensor will automatically detect accidents, immediately trigger an emergency call (if this hasn’t been done manually), and inform the Help Connect assistant.

3. GPS data and your Help Connect profile (optional) are sent to the rescue services at the same time. We notify the first responders ('112/911) and dispatch them to your identified location, even if you are unconscious or can’t give precise details of where you are.
In addition, your designated emergency contacts (optional) will be informed by phone.

Use the advantages

One for all

Many products, one emergency call - for every area of your life.

Automatic accident detection

The emergency call is triggered automatically - or by you at the touch of a button.

Everywhere and at any time

The emergency call service provides 24/7 assistance in 11 European countries. Our service agents speak both German and English.

Emergency pass for all cases

Important health information is forwarded to the local emergency services.

Personal emergency contacts

In an emergency, your family and friends will be informed.

Your data sovereignty is respected

Personal data is only sent in emergency situations where your life is at stake.

Help Connect - buy once, use everywhere

You register online once and create your Help Connect profile. Once your have registered your connected products, you can rely on them to save your life in many situations. Automatically, or at the touch of a button. Best of all, by subscribing to this service, you can protect your whole family (up to four other people).

Woman driver

Connect your car

What do you do if you’re involved in a collision?
Biker on the open road

Connect your motorcycle

Obtain faster assistance in the event of an accident.
Smartphone in front of house

Connect your Smart Home

Save what's important to you.