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Help Connect – How Bosch automates emergency calls for motorcycles

How OEMs can easily integrate the lifesaving service into their motorcycle app

With the risk involved in motorcycle accidents being considerably higher than in cars, the question arises: how can motorcycle manufacturers ensure that riders get swift assistance in the event of an emergency? Bosch has made answering this question its mission: as an established partner for motorcycle manufacturers, we have developed Help Connect – an automatic emergency call system for motorcycles. Help Connect builds upon sensor technology, a sophisticated algorithm based on 1.2 million km driven, and the globally established Bosch Help Connect Service Center. Thus, it automatically detects accidents and dispatches the rescue services directly to the scene, even when the motorcycle rider is no longer able to do so.

In this webinar, we will give OEMs an introduction to the service, describe technical as well as business options, and show a demo of the service.

You will learn

  • What is Help Connect: how does the lifesaving service for motorcycles work
  • Beyond safety: Help Connect offers easy service extension opportunities, such as stolen vehicle tracking and roadside assistance
  • Three business options for the OEM business case: as a fully OEM-integrated dealer option, as service/user subscription via OEM e-shop, or as service/user subscription via Help Connect e-shop
  • Three ways to integrate Help Connect in your motorcycle: smartphone only, embedded with smartphone, and fully embedded
  • Best practice: Help Connect as part of the calimoto navigation app – how can OEMs benefit from lessons learned in the leading motorcycle navigation app

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Duration: 60 minutes  

Meet our speakers

Roland Hüppmeier

Roland Hüppmeier

Roland Hüppmeier is a seasoned business executive at Bosch, with extensive and international experience in growing sales, developing new businesses and strategic consulting from product unit to corporate level. As part of Bosch’s claim “Invented for Life”, and the company’s transformation towards an AIoT company, the idea of a digital guardian angel was born. Roland’s team made this vision a reality: Together with different partners, the E2E solution Help Connect is transforming connected things in the motorcycle, eBike and residential domains into real lifesavers for the users. In addition, Roland is responsible for Bosch.IO’s product area eCommerce, which enables the Bosch Group to further professionalize and scale its digital business, enabling hardware, software, and service sales via all kinds of digital sales channels.

Florian Mayer

Florian Mayer

As a project manager for digital solutions in the product area Two-Wheelers and Powersports, I’m responsible for connected devices and digital services. I’m an expert in crash detection and automatic emergency systems. Before that, I joined Bosch as a research engineer in the corporate research department for active and passive safety for powered two-wheelers with a MSc degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Stuttgart.