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White paper

Help Connect: Introducing the automatic emergency call system for motorcycles

What motorcycle manufacturers have to gain

With the risk involved in motorcycle accidents being considerably higher than in cars, the question arises: how can motorcycle manufacturers ensure that riders get swift assistance in the event of an emergency? Bosch has made answering this question its mission: as an established partner for motorcycle manufacturers, we have developed Help Connect – an automatic emergency call system for motorcycles. Help Connect builds upon sensor technology and a sophisticated algorithm, trained in extensive crash tests as well as 1.2 million km driven in the field. In conjunction with the globally established Bosch Help Connect Service Center,, our service automatically detects accidents and dispatches the rescue services directly to the scene, even when the motorcycle rider is no longer able to do so. With Help Connect, we provide all the tools needed for motorcycle manufacturers to turn their motorcycles into literal lifesavers. But how can it be put into practice? And what additional benefits can motorcycle OEMs reap? Our white paper gives a comprehensive introduction.

You will learn

  • Why an automatic emergency call system should be a key consideration for motorcycle OEMs
  • What Help Connect by Bosch is all about and how it turns products into lifesavers
  • How motorcycle manufacturers benefit from Help Connect
  • How motorcycle OEMs can integrate Help Connect into their vehicles
  • How to make Help Connect available to customers

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