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Help Connect

Bring a lifesaver on board your bike

In the event of an accident, Help Connect is there for you.

The cyclist’s digital assistant, Help Connect offers a safer way to go and peace of mind on every ride. If you fall, Help Connect places an emergency call. That way, we can get help to you even if you’re unable to take action.

Now available: Accident detection via your smartphone with the COBI.Bike app

For eBike riders the solution is now available. Users of the Bosch SmartphoneHub and the COBI.Bike app can easily activate this premium service upon its release. Help Connect will also work with other applications for cyclists.

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How Help Connect and the COBI.Bike app can help you

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Automatic accident detection

If your next bike ride ends with a spill and you need help, we’ll be ready to lend a hand: Your COBI.Bike app’s fall-detection algorithm uses sensor data from your smartphone to automatically detect accidents. It immediately triggers a distress call and notifies the Help Connect emergency assistants. They will first try to get the facts by talking to the individual involved and, in the event of an emergency, set the rescue chain in motion as quickly as possible.

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Data communication and emergency calls

Help Connect emergency call assistants are standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Accessible from 11 European countries*, they automatically receive your location and information about the accident. This data helps them assess the severity of your accident and get help immediately.

*Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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A direct line to rescue services

In the event of a serious accident:

The emergency assistants will inform the local emergency services (112) straightaway and direct them to the site of your accident even if they are unable to contact you by phone.

In the event of a minor accident:

Information about your accident will also be forwarded if you have had a minor mishap, and the Help Connect emergency assistant will contact you. The two of you can then discuss what kind of assistance you need.

Register for the Help Connect service in the COBI.Bike app in just three steps

1. Load the Help Connect module to the COBI.Bike app. You have to use a Bosch SmartphoneHub or COBI.Bike with COBI.Bike app to do this.

2. Register for the Help Connect service in your COBI.Bike app. You will be notified as soon as the service is activated. It will be available to you 24/7 in your COBI.Bike app.

3. Attach your smartphone to the SmartphoneHub on the handlebars and set the COBI.Bike app to the ride screen. Now you’re ready to roll. From that point on, Help Connect will be with you on every ride. Tucked away in the background of the COBI.Bike app, it automatically triggers an emergency call in the event of an accident.

Partners wanted for Help Connect!

Do you want to add a safety feature to your bike solution? Do you have sensors or an app of your own? Or would you like to develop either or both with us? For more information about the possibilities, please visit our partner page.

You have feeback or want to become a Help Connect partner?