Burglar in the house

How to make smart homes more secure - with Help Connect

The case for an automatic emergency call system

Emergencies at home, such as fire, burglary, or water leakage, can cause severe damage and even fatalities. It is vital that professional help will promptly be called when needed – independent of the availability of a smart home system owner. But how can smart home device manufacturers and platform providers for home automation make an automatic emergency call available to their customers? With Help Connect we provide you with everything you need. Our digital service provides your customers with peace-of-mind – while you can develop a sustainable digital business model which is even more critical with the arrival of the Matter standard.

How Help Connect works in an emergency

Help Connect Emergency Rescue Chain

1. Sensors in the smart home system of a user detect an emergency. Help Connect´s in-depth analysis of the sensor data makes sure the plausibility of the alarm is verified.

2. For every valid alarm, further actions are triggered by Help Connect, according to the severity of the emergency scenario.

3. If users and emergency contacts are not available, Help Connect dispatches the rescue services directly to the scene, enabling fast assistance in the event of an emergency such as fire, burglary, or water leakage.

How device manufacturers and platform providers benefit from Help Connect


Genuine added value

With Help Connect, you can provide your customers with genuine added value – and not just a simple convenience. The solution can prove to be a literal lifesaver while also mitigating the consequences of an emergency by quickly providing assistance or triggering the rescue mission.


Proven technology

Help Connect leverages an in-depth analysis of sensor information and merges the data (sensor fusion). The functionality of avoiding false-positive alarms while letting every valid alarm through is what we call Smart Alarming, happening instantaneously, within seconds.


Comprehensive emergency call experience

The Help Connect assistants at the Bosch Help Connect Service Center are available 24/7 to assist smart home users in the event of an emergency. The Bosch Emergency Call Center administers over 2,000 emergency calls per day across Europe.


Flexible implementation options

With its flexible integration options, Help Connect is sure to fit into your smart home system and home automation platform. We offer a powerful API for straightforward integration and an optional SDK to implement the Help Connect service in your mobile app.


Basis for additional services

With Help Connect, you can quickly and efficiently enhance your smart home system or home automation platform while generating recurring revenue – as a reseller or an affiliate, depending on your preferences.


Readiness for Remote Intervention

Help Connect is ready to enable features that require a high integration level with your system or platform. Your customers will benefit from, e.g. Remote Intervention because it contributes to limiting the damage occurring during an emergency.

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